Current BST Scholars (2016-2017)



Duration of study visit

Babovic, Belma Mechanical Engineering 3 months
Gelemanovic, Andrea Genetic Epidemiology 2 months
Kocsis, Anna Philosophy 2 months
Kovac, Zarko Marine Science 3 months
Pavela, Irena Evolutionary Psychology 2 months
Tomic, Ivan Psychology 3 months
Smidlehner, Tamara Organic Chemistry 2 months
Batinic, Jelena Cognitive Neuroscience 2 months
Nikolic, Sofija Property Law 1 month
Stojanovic, Srna Physical Chemistry 2 months
Vladic, Jelena Pharmaceutical Engineering 2 months

Current scholars can click here for further instructions on obtaining their grants and arrival in the UK.

Current and past scholars can participate in an online alumni society on Facebook. Everyone is encouraged to join and share experiences!

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