BST Scholars (2014-15)



Duration of study visit

JAHIC,Hatidža Economics 1 month
PROROK,Vesna Economics 1 month
BUBIC,Vinka Archaeology 2 months
FILOŠEVIC,Ana Neuroscience 1 month
FUŠ,Mirela Philosophy 3 months
LUSTIG,Nikola Timber Engineering 3 months
MEDJUGORAC,Vanja Psychology 2 months
TOKIC,Vedrana Nuclear Astrophysics 2 months
TOMAŠEGOVIC,Tamara Graphic Technology 3 months
RADOVIC,Slaviša Technology enhanced learning 1 month
TOMICIC,Marina Plant Breeding 3 months
ŽURŽUL,Nataša Biotechnology 2 months

Current scholars can click here for further instructions on obtaining their grants and arrival in the UK.

Current and past scholars can participate in an online alumni society on Facebook. Everyone is encouraged to join and share experiences!

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