BST Scholars



Duration of study visit

DOJCINOVIC, Danijel Byzantology 2 months
IBRAGIC, Saida Biochemistry 3 months
DRAGICEVIC, Nevena Water management 1 month
DZANKO, Matija Data management 2 months
ILIJANIC, Nikolina Environmental magnetism 3 months
KOVACEVIC, Zorana Textile technology 3 months
KRAUS, Ivan Earthquake engineering 2 months
MILJAN, Suzana Medieval social history 1 month
SABIC, Josip Educational psycholgy 1 month
TOMAS, Zeljka Genetics 2 months
HALILI, Festim Computer science 1 month
MAZLOVSKA, Milena Biological chemistry 3 months

Current scholars can click here for further instructions on obtaining their grants and arrival in the UK.

Current and past scholars can participate in an online alumni society on Facebook. Everyone is encouraged to join and share experiences!

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