BST Scholars (2010-2011)



Duration of study visit

LAZOVIC-PITA, Lejla Tax Library visit
BOŽEK, Jelena Mammography 3 months
OROS SRŠEN, Ankica Zooarchaeology 2 months
MIKLOUŠIC, Igor Psychology 2 months
NAKIC, Sandra Postnatal Depression 3 months
PLEŠTINA, Vladmir Computer Vision 2 months
SKOPLJANAC, Lovro Literary Theory 2 months
TRAKO, Tijana Social Symbolism 1 months
NACIK, Goran Law 2 months
TOMOVSKA, Elena E-Retail 1 months
TUSHEVKSA, Borka Freight Transport 2 months
CIZLER, Jasna Geography 3 months

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