BST Scholars (2008-2009)



Duration of study visit

ALEKSIC, Tatjana Mathematics 3 months
ANDREEVA, Iskra European Law 2 months
BERBEROVIC, Denis Tourism Library visit
DELIBEGOVIC-DŽANIC, Nihada Linguistics 2 months
DJINOVIC, Leonarda Tourism 2 months
JUGOVIC, Ivana Education 3 months
KATULIC, Lucija Cultural Anthropology 2 months
MUSTRA, Mario Medicine 3 months
MARJANOVIC, Zana Theatre Library visit
NOVAKOVIC, Branka Anaesthetics 2 months
PAVIC, Marko Environmental science 2 months
SUKA, Darko Electronics 2 months
VESELJEVIC, Selma Literature Library visit

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