BST Scholars (2006-2007)



Duration of study visit

Andjelkovic Uros Bioscience 2 months
Bajraktarevic, Faruk Literature Library visit
Boraska, Vesna Genetics 3 months
Cehajic, Sabina Social Psychology 3 months
Cepika, Alma-Martina Immunology 3 months
Coric, Tomislav Economics 2 months
Erdelji, Vladimir Food science 3 months
Kuzmanic, Ana Computer science 3 months
Lekic, Zeljka Social science Library visit
Lukic, Anita Immunology 2 months
Minic, Marina Biochemistry 3 months
Mlinarec, Jelena Genome evolution 2 months
Mulalic, Lejla Literature Library visit
Osmani, Bujar Medicine 2 months
Petrovic, Olivera Linguistics Library visit
Vasileva, Kristina Business administration 2 months
Zaric Svetislav Immunology 2 months

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