BST Scholars (2005-2006)



Duration of study visit

ARSIC, Biljana Pharmacy 3 months
BARBALIC, Maja Medicine 3 months
BOZIC, Ljiljana Marketing 2 months
CVITAN, Miso Physics 3 months
KAPETANOVIC, Imrana Communications 3 months
LENDAK, Edith GIS 3 months
PASINI, Iva History 2 months
REZEK, Anet Food technology 2 months
SEGVIC, Danijela Marine biology 3 months
SENKA, Asnastasova Cultural theory 3 months
SIKOPARIJA, Branko Medicine 3 months
SRBLJAK, Vanja Anaesthetics 2 months
URODA, Nikolina Archaeology 2 months
VASIC, Katarina Art history 3 months

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