BST Scholars (2004-2005)



Duration of study visit

BEKIC, Damir River hydraulics 3 months
BOSANKIC, Nina Cross-cultrual psychology 1 month
BRATANIC, - History 2 months
BRSAKOSKA, - EU law 2 months
BURIC, Zrinka Marine biochemistry 6 months
CIRISAN, Mihaela Plasma physics 2 months
DIMOVA, - Medicine 2 months
GOTTSTEIN, - Vetinerary science 2 months
JANICIC, Ana Language acquisition 3 months
JANKULOSKI, Dejan Food safety 3 months
KORAC, Petra Immunology 2 months
KRKOLEVA, Aleksandra Renewable energy 2 months
KUVAC, Jelena Language Development 2 months
LIKER, Marko Phonetics 2 months
OBRENOVIC, Milica Sociolinguistics 6 months
ORBANIC, Elvis History 2 months
PSTROCKI, Sabina European Studies 6 months
SKOBLAR, Magdalena Art history 2 months
STEFANOVIC, Milica Immunology 3 months
STRITOF, Zrinka Microbiology 2 months
VUKICEVIC, Vanja Modern English novel 2 months

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