BST Scholars (2003-2004)



Duration of study visit

BILOGLAV, Zrinka Genetics 3 months
BUTKOVIC, Ana Psychology 3 months
CUROVIC, Dragana Education 1 month
DRAZIC, Ivana Accounting 1 month
JANKOVIC, Jelena Cardiology 3 months
JOVCEVA, Eleonora Pharmacy 3 months
KECA, Nenad Forestry 3 months
KOSTIC, Natasa Linguistics 1 month
KRAS, Tihana Linguistics 2 months
KUJUNDZIC, Srdjan Banking 2 months
LONCAREVIC, Faruk Film archiving 2 months
MILOS, Danijela Corporate bonds 3 months
STOJANOV, Tomislav Translation 1 month
TRAJKOVSKA, Irina Dentistry 3 months

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