BST Scholars (2001-2002)



Duration of study visit

ADZOVIC, Aida Infertility 2 months
BADJUN, Marijana Economics 3 months
DAMJANOVIC, Biljana Metallurgy 3 months
DODOVSKI, Aleksandar Veterinary Science 1 month
FABECIC, Nives International Relations 1 month
GRUJIC, Tamara Biomechanics 3 months
KOVACEVIC, Ivana Physics 3 months
LUKIC, Ivan Bone Density 2 months
MITROVIC, Ivica Computer Science 3 months
MLINARIC, Kresimir Computer Science 1 month
PAVLOVSKA, Marija Anaesthetics 1 month
POLIC, Vanja English Literature 1 month
SIMIC, Anja Post-war recovery 4 months
SRPLJAN, Nikola Communications 3 months
SVECNJAK, Zlatko Agriculture 5 months
TRKULJA, Ivana Minority Rights 2 months
ZAHARJEVA, Maja Paediatric Surgery 2 months

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