BST History


The BST is a registered charity which awards scholarships to deserving postgraduate students from the former Yugoslav countries for short periods of study in the United Kingdom. The funds for the grants come from investment income. The Trust's resources are limited and grants consequently modest, but students can be expected to live reasonably comfortably on the grant.

The Trust was established after the First World War following an appeal to the British people to help educate young people from Serbia. The generous donations were invested in equities (shares) and gilts (bonds) in the London stock market. The income (dividends and interest) is used to support young people from former Yugoslavia for specialist education in the United Kingdom. Between the two world wars, the scholarships were extended to cover the whole of Yugoslavia. The Trust currently covers the following countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. After the break-up of Yugoslavia, Slovenia decided to withdraw from the scheme. At the AGM in 2015, it was decided to handle applications from Kosovo directly and an appropriate channel of communication was sought. This was resolved in 2016 through contact with the International Relations Office of the University of Pristina.

The Trust is a registered charity and its affairs are governed by the regulations of the Charity Commission. The Trust is managed by eight trustees: a chairman, a treasurer and six members. The services of the trustees are voluntary.

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