Application Criteria and Requirements

The deadline for the receipt of completed applications is 1st March.

Prospective candidates must be under thirty (30) years of age on 1st October in the school year of the study visit.

The application form and addresses for applications can be found here. A shortlist from each country is submitted to the Trust each year. The final selection of candidates for the forthcoming academic year is made in early May. Successful candidates will be notified by the end of May.

The main criteria for the final selection of the candidates are:

Preference is given to candidates who have not previously studied abroad and to candidates who have made contact with the institution they wish to visit in the UK.

The Trust can provide basic advice about obtaining visas where necessary but travel expenses to the UK and to the British place of education will be borne by the students or, if employed, by their own institution.

It is strongly recommended that applicants make preliminary contact with a British university or at least identify one or more institutions in the UK where they would be able to carry out their research. Wherever possible, they are asked to make their own arrangements for their stay directly with the host institution, requesting a placement as a "visiting scholar". Please remember that the Trust cannot pay tuition fees for taught courses. If any 'Bench fees' are required, these must be agreed in advance before starting the visit. Preference is given to students engaged on research projects, based in their home country.

The grants are:

1000 per month in London

900 per month in the rest of the UK

Library Visit grant for students

These grants are for a visit of 4 weeks only. Travel expenses to and from the placement are covered by the candidates themselves or their home institutions. Please note this grant is for a period of 4 weeks only and will not be extended. Within this period post-graduate students should be able to gather a considerable amount of information for their studies. Libraries do not normally charge for visiting students but visitors cannot borrow books. Applications should be submitted on the normal application form. Please state clearly on your application if you wish to apply for a Library Visit grant.

The grants are:

1000 for one month

900 for one month


It is a condition of the award of a grant that students submit a report to the trustees on their placement as soon as possible after its completion.  This should include a letter from the supervisor or other person responsible for overseeing the placement.

The report should be sent to the chairperson, Celia Hawkesworth

Previous scholars' reports will soon be posted in the BST Archive.

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