BST Scholars - Information for your visit to the UK


Arranging a placement

Scholars are responsible for arranging a placement in the UK themselves. Ideally you will have found a suitable place before you applied for the grant but sometimes this is not possible. A listing of British universities can be found on the links page. The placement MUST be arranged before you arrive in the UK.

Before arriving in the UK

Scholars are responsible for arranging visas and all travel arrangements. We can provide introductory letters to help you obtain a visa.

As soon as you know where you will be living, please tell us so that we can send the first cheque of your grant to that address. Please contact the institution that you will be visiting for help in finding accommodation. Universities will have an accommodation office and they should be able to help you. If you do not know where you will be staying, send us the address of your supervisor at UK institution and we will send the cheque to you via him / her.

Although there should be a cheque waiting for you when you arrive in the UK, remember that it takes at least a week for the money to become available in your bank account so you will need some money of your own while you are waiting.

During the placement

The grants are paid by cheque once a month at the start of the month.

We advise you to try and open a bank account with Lloyds Bank when you arrive in the UK. This is not essential but it does make it easier to cash the cheques. Please note that sometimes Lloyds Bank is reluctant to open accounts for our grantees because they are only in the UK for a few months. The banking system in the UK can be inflexible at times. Do not worry! We send an authorization letter with the cheque and included in it is a phone number that the bank officials can call if they have any questions.

Alternatively to cash the cheque, just take it to any branch of Lloyds Bank. You will need to bring your passport and the authorization letter with you. Please complete and return the receipt that is included with the letter.

After the placement

Remember to submit a short report on your placement. All reports will be considered for the Kondic Prize.


We would welcome any comments that scholars have. Please email us to tell us what went well during your placement and what could be improved. Our goal is to do whatever we can to help scholars get the most out of their time in the UK.

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